Feelings never die out if ...

Feelings never die out if ...
 When you see an elderly couple strolling through the park, unwittingly want to be touched: just think, they have thirty years together, and their feelings so still burning in their hearts. Yes, sometimes it happens that young jealous older, sophisticated and knowledgeable, how to keep feelings for a long time. Here are some tips for couples.

Do not try to hide their feelings. Declarations of love never bored. Even if you have a family all just fine, even if you both believe in mutual feelings, at least occasionally say to your loved one, "I love you." These words give warmth and help to overcome any difficulty, you have embarked on the path. They will not let habit dispel your feelings.

Often hold hands. When people hold each other's hands, they feel protected. Walk hand in hand themselves and holding pens children. Do it often, to a feeling of closeness will never let you leave.

Render all attentions. Let you and have conquered the lady of his dreams, which live together for many years, it does not mean that you should not give her attentions. That feelings are not extinguished, give each other a gentle kiss at a meeting and parting. Watching TV, take your mate's hand or hug her. Passing by a loved one, reading a book, gently touch the cheek or a kiss on the lips or cheek.

Make each other gifts and surprises. It is necessary. If you do not know what to buy as a gift for your loved one, do not worry. Surprise does not have to be material. Just think, you can go together. Buy movie tickets and hand them their passion.

What about Valentine's Day? This is an excellent opportunity for kindling the fire of your feelings. Especially since you can re-live through an amazing feeling of love. Cover the holiday table, arrange the room in a romantic style. Your loved one will appreciate this gesture.

On Valentine's Day decided to give roses and heart. Therefore, the tradition has gone - do and then give out your favorite cards in the form of heart. And make you a valentine to give it its second half. Do not forget the flowers and balloons in the shape of hearts. Rosa put in a vase. And it, in turn, put on the table. Colors in this holiday will need a lot. So, it would be better to choose shrub roses.

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