The key to successful dating

The key to successful dating
 My - very important at the initial stage of relations. They are able to bring to life lovers romance, tenderness, puzzles and magic. Date could be the key to further continue the relationship or, conversely, to spoil everything. Then acquaintance over before it started. During the romantic lovers are unhurried conversation, get to know each other. And you want to make such meetings lasted longer. That it was, you need to know some of the conditions of successful dating.

For the perfect date, everything is important: a meeting place, the appearance of the two lovers, topics of conversations, behavior, etc. If you are meeting for the first time, it is best to choose a neutral place for this. You can go to a cozy, romantic cafe serving fresh coffee and delicious cakes. In this atmosphere, you both will be able to relax and tune in to the romantic mood. If the weather permits, you can just walk around the city. First, you can visit your favorite places girls, and then go to where the young man likes to walk. During this walk you will be able to calmly talk, enjoy a warm sunny day. And you can go to the movies, and after the session to discuss the film with a cup of tea or coffee.

Going on a date, you need to pay special attention to their appearance. Choose clothes that you feel comfortable and confident, but your appearance should be attractive, reflect your inner self. For example, for a meeting in the cafe, you can wear a beautiful dress, pick him shoes, handbag, matching accessories. Just do not overdo it with decorations, so as not to look like a Christmas tree. To walk around the city should choose a more comfortable things: low-heeled shoes, jeans or a skirt, but blouse or blouse can be original, attracts the eye.

Behave during a visit natural and relaxed. Smile. Listen carefully to what you said the other person. This will give him to understand that you are interested in them. Flirted with him, but within reason not to show him lightly. Appropriate on a date and humor. Just tell a joke can help you strengthen its position.

Show that you are interested in a young man. For this purpose, there are many ways. Interest can be shown via asked questions about life and enthusiasm of a young man. And you can give the guy know that he likes, with gestures, body language, eye. For example, bowed his head to one side or the supply of housing in the direction of the interlocutor mean that you are interested in and the subject of conversation, and the one who speaks. Playing with a lock of hair or a decoration on a subconscious level, giving young people to understand that you like it.

In order not to spoil a date, do not mention it on their past relationship. This is unlikely to be nice to your friend, he might think that you are still experiencing attachment to the ex-boyfriend that worsen the initial favorable impression of you.

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