The best music for sex

The best music for sex
 If you want to spend the evening and night together in a romantic setting, you need to choose the right drinks and dessert, adequate lighting and, of course, pick up good music.

One of the main rules of intimate music is that it should not distract. It should help to focus on the partner. Should choose soft and soothing music that will create a nice background for you and your partner. So no loud drops and sharp transitions of music. It is not necessary to include music that can irritate one of the partners, so if you are not familiar with your partner, ask whether he likes this music.

If you are calm and sensual nature, you'll like soothing music by candlelight. What can be better than sex with a gentle soft light and pleasant soft sounds from the speakers? Smooth classic or just melodic instrumental music - that's what you need in this situation.

If you want a passionate night, the music should pick up some other plan. Faster R'n'B music with languid vocal partner will allow you to move faster and will provoke you into different "madness." At the same time you will spend most likely, more energy, and at the end will be tired but satisfied. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that the lyrics are not too forced you to think, and, consequently, to be distracted from enjoyable activities.

Want maximum madness? Try to put something heavy. Music in the style of hard rock or heavy metal will promote a more active body movements and rough sex. If you do not mind this particular entertainment, you can add music to a rigid appropriate underwear and other accessories that are suitable for such a situation.

Do not like heavy metal music, but I still want something passionate? Try to Latin American music, which is as energetic, but also and erotic.

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