Teach sensitivity and love as soon as possible

Teach sensitivity and love as soon as possible
 Man is born with a certain character, he was obviously can show who will be in the future. However, the beginnings of certain features may appear differently depending on how the adult world will open for the baby, what opportunities to use them, they will be shown. And so it is necessary as soon as possible to teach a child sensitivity and love, caring.  

The word "teach" can hardly be applied to such feelings as love and sensitivity. But by themselves they are unlikely to develop. Attend to their development is necessary as soon as possible for at least two reasons. Firstly, with the maturation of the child discovers the world around more unfair, bad, evil, obscure. These are the things and processes that cause or may not love compassion, or phenomena that call into question the appropriateness of kindness. For example, the child sees that his fists help achieve results faster than a polite request. This does not mean that it is now out of it necessarily grow aggressive person. But to explain why it is better to act peacefully, it will be more difficult.

The second reason - great sensitivity and susceptibility kids is in the preschool period. They are still very open towards others, respond to everything that happens. They are constantly learning something, to learn something. And all of what you tell them, it is now likely to be understood by simply not at the level of learning, but much deeper, it will be understood and accepted.

But it is necessary to return once again to the fact that you can not teach love and sensitivity. These are not concepts that can simply learn by heart and learn how to apply. Sweet words come from the heart, simply because they can not be said, not because their situation requires. Skills in time to keep silent always prompted inner sense: there are no rules that would have prompted you when to say a particular word, and when it is better to hang a pause.

But in your power to show your child that all these feelings exist. He learns not primarily to what he was told, and what he sees before him. He is faced with the behavior of other people and perceives the possibility of solving various situations. Something he accepts and subsequently applies, but something rejects. It depends on his personal characteristics, and whether for whom he observes. If you are an example of love and sensitivity, if your family reigns understanding, if the baby is growing in an atmosphere of caring and sees a relationship full of support and respect, he will be able to protect themselves from evil and aggression, and to grow man for whom good and weasel - not just a term, and the values ​​of life.

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