Speed ​​Sex: What You Need to women and men

Speed ​​Sex: What You Need to women and men
 What should be the ideal sex? A long and protracted or rapid and passionate? And in general, what they want from the vicinity of men and women, and the same whether their desires? After all, it seems that men do not necessarily spend a long time on foreplay, but it is better to go directly to the cause, and women, on the contrary, like long foreplay. Learn what it takes men and women in bed.

The assumption that women must be long or very long foreplay immediately prior to sexual intercourse, based on physiological characteristics. Simply put, the woman on the excitation requires a little more time than men. That is why it often happens that a man is ready to have sex and your partner, this requires additional stimulation for some time. If you just remember this feature, you can achieve in bed much more harmony. After all, your goal - to give each other pleasure, here and try to tune in your partner.

By the way, if you have sex in the same position for more than ten minutes, it may cease to give pleasure, and even become painful for women. That is why the posture from time to time be changed. After all, what a woman needs a little more time to reach the maximum excitation does not mean that you need to prolong this time indefinitely. If the partner is excited, she asks a man to begin to become more active, here it is just in time training.

As for men, they are on the excitation can be quite one minute. Slightly naked female shoulder or appetizing forms, visible through the thin weave bluzochki, can lead a man in full combat readiness, regardless of his mood, fatigue or emotional state. Nature designed so that any sexual act a man always gets the strongest sexual satisfaction - reaches orgasm. That's why men want to have sex often, for the same reason they are interested with that sexual intercourse took place quickly.

Of course, we are different, otherwise we simply would not be interested in each other. But this does not mean that in a bed a man and a woman will never be able to find a common language - even as they can. Simply listen to your partner and try to please him, for sex you do just that. Sexologists, by the way, do not give a clear answer to the question about the time of the sexual contact. Just when you feel good, and you both have fun - it's okay. This is the main criterion.

The couple can engage in a quickie, if both partners feel very excited. A quickie, by the way, is able to bring a woman no less pleasure than a long and lasting. Similarly, if intercourse takes a long time, a man always gets more pleasure from the fact that delayed the moment of ejaculation. It may cost some effort, but orgasm is much more intense. In short, look no universal answer to the question: "How much sex should last? "And just deal with it as you like both, and get pleasure from it.

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