Musical accompaniment of sexual relations

Musical accompaniment of sexual relations
 Many people like to make love to the music. In part it plays the role of distracting - door neighbors or parents in another room did not hear the groans and squeaks bed. But the music is used in bed, not only as a background. Too many couples specifically include music, to relax or to tune in. You have not tried to include your favorite tune while having sex? Well, a very good reason!

Of course, heavy breathing and moaning act on partners very exciting, there's no music is not necessary. However, there are lots of musical accompaniment advantages. Firstly, quiet, relaxing music will help you both relieve stress after a hard day, will help set up on each other. After all, if two listening to the same tune, they instinctively tuned to one rhythm, and, consequently, on each other. Besides, everyone knows the ability of music to distract from intrusive thoughts. If you have in your head keeps screaming boss or still boiled dumplings and run away, a gentle touch of your favorite, accompanied by a beautiful melody will relax you a lot faster than it can be expected. Try it.

What exactly choose music for a romantic evening: a calm and melodic or fast and persistent? You decide. Remember one simple rule - the music should like both of you and do not cause resonance. If one loves hard rock, while others are more like classical music, do not torment each other compositions that will cause only negative. It is better to sit down together and find the best option that will appeal to you two. This should unite you, and not vice versa. Very well suited for this purpose low frequency music, in any case, not high pitched or shrill voices. Try experimenting with drums and trance music. Now, even in music stores and on the Internet, you can find a special selection of instrumental music to create a romantic mood. Albums usually are called "Music for Two" or "Music for sex."

If you prefer fast rhythmic melodies, you can choose and such, but try to choose the composition in such a way that at the end of the list, still account for more than a calm and relaxing melodies. As a rule, exciting rhythms work well in the beginning, when the partners still not warmed up, then the same additional excitation is not so necessary. In addition, after sex is much more pleasant to rest just under quiet music or did lie in silence, listening to each other's breath.
Another important detail - the subsequent memories. Very much can remember any music, if under it you have sex. The next time you hear this song, will necessarily pleasant associations. Thus, by the way, can cause pleasant memories and lift your spirits, when the soul cat scratch. And if you accidentally or specifically listen to the music together with its partner, the memories will arise automatically in both, which can serve as an excellent aphrodisiac.

Whatever music you choose, remember that the main thing - it's your feelings. If in the process seem that sounds interfere with, or better to listen to something else - do not hesitate to talk about it. After all, the right mood and relaxation are very important if you are making love. Listen to music, listen to your partner and get an incomparable pleasure.

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