Music for a romantic evening

Music for a romantic evening
 You have invited the young man and going to spend with him a nice romantic evening. Have prepared snacks, fruit, place candles, make a perfect make-up and picked up an amazing dress. It remains only to choose the right music.

Music for a romantic evening should be quiet, unobtrusive, so as not to distract and not to switch attention partner. It serves only as a background to your conversation and your feelings.

To start learn musical tastes of a young man. Pay attention to what kind of music he listens to. If you were at his home, remember what tunes he included. Maybe it when you admire some tune or performer recommend you listen to someone's concert.

As one of the options - rummage on his page "VKontakte", "Classmates", there usually indicate their favorite artists. Maybe something will fit you for the evening.

Familiar and favorite music would make a young person more relaxed, away it feels like home, and perhaps begin to act more decisively (if you are expecting from him exactly that).

Note that music should not be too complicated and intelligent. It is not necessary to select such compositions that make you think. It is advisable not to take the wheels with the Russian artist - sometimes the meaning of words can be distracting, and a romantic mood will be missed.

It is better that the music has not been interruptions. Otherwise, the sound will disappear when you stop the mental attitude that have emerged between you. Besides, it distracts, it is necessary to run to the music center and look for new entries. Better to put the long drive from several albums. And do not turn on the radio - the voice of the speaker. broadcasting of events in the world, you will not add romance.

Well received by music with a lot of low frequency, it is more suited for a cozy intimate atmosphere. You can use a light jazz music with a deep voice performers, fit and modern concerts for double bass, quiet Latino, unobtrusive ambient or foreign simple pop. Do not take concerts singers with high voices.

It also note one important point - the music should create a natural relationship, not hint too clearly and obsessive sex.

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