If he wrote your number ...

If he wrote your number ...
 What ends first encounter, you and so clear - writes on a phone number. Usually it makes the guy. Is it possible because, as he writes a girl's, to determine the fate of relations - is a complex question. Nevertheless, a number of very interesting observations. The results will certainly be of interest to the fairer sex.

Boys and men, recording phone on a piece of paper, hardly expect serious relationship. This piece can easily be lost. Especially, you probably would not have liked it if the guy claiming to be a close relationship with you, your telephone number written down on a piece of notebook sheet nondescript. Surely you and it will have a similar attitude as a piece of paper with a number.

Ladies looking for a long term relationship, very much like the "classics" that record number of vending woman or girl in the diary, just alphabetically and neat handwriting. Such people are usually clear in life, punctual. Potentially, such a person can be a good family man, but at the same time, it will probably be bored with life.

There are men (mostly young people), recording phone on hand. This person believes it is important what is written on his body. However, such a label can quickly wear out. It turns out that such men as quickly extinguished as it breaks out.

Girls like and young people who write down a phone number more than once - in a notebook, a cell phone, somewhere else. She thinks that such a representative of a strong half of mankind cherishes acquaintance, just trying so hard not to forget her phone number. And in fact, it may just be diffident man who always need reminders. Most likely, it will just think about whether or not to call him every time you see her phone number on a piece of paper or a regular phone. Draw your own conclusions, dear women.

For the following types of men is important to stress its importance, than to write the phone number of women. If he would get diary to record your phone, you will certainly say that this diary - exclusive model, finished Crocodile skin. Get the phone, he explained that this is a very cool model. Live with Narcissus impossible, but "sit down to his pocket" for a while you can. You will flatter him, and he will bestow you with money and other material values.

Record phone mobile phone popular. But there are some nuances. Such a man is difficult to predict. Be sure to ask to write you as a specific, and not just "Tanya" or "Masha". Otherwise, he may lose your phone, entangled, where some or Tania Maria recorded. If you are curious young man, if he had installed in the phone ICQ, then he can answer anything about the man to know. If the answer is yes, the guy probably sitting in a virtual world for days. Pull a man "out" is very difficult.

The guy can not write down your phone number, saying he will remember that. Here we can only wait. If this man is actually called, then he seriously towards you configured. Oh, he would be able to fill your life with interesting and bright events. And if he forgot to your room - so no luck.

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