How to win in a dispute with a woman

How to win in a dispute with a woman
 Sometimes it is not easy to talk to the ladies in their own language. Many men feel at this unnatural. The reason is clear: according to the US study, women on average 25,000 words uttered during the day. Men costing only 13,000 words a day. If you do not take into account the pieces of dishes and slamming doors, the words are the main weapon in family disputes.

Woman using a quarrel trying to convey to the faithful their emotions. It is a man to engage in a rapid clarification of family relations, and it will run out of your word limit to several days in advance. Therefore, the most correct strategy is to try to make peace and to suppress the scandal at the outset. To do this, there is a fairly convenient formulation: "I understand you ... I guess now you feel ..." What do you put in place passes, is also important.

It is best to speak without irony to your favorite realized that her indignation came to your mind, and calmed down.

Trying to get away from the conflict is a good start. However, a woman is not always satisfied so quick reconciliation. It happens that the argument has no way to avoid. In this case, you need to put a lightning strike on the main goal. You will need a remarkable ability to remember everything - because if you were not able to keep in your head all the insolence and brutality, who showered her the last time she was alive you will refresh their memory, because women remember these words for a long time. And Something Wicked, that it surprises you - it will only give her the right to forward to you all these aptly put it.

The most effective way to attack this situation will be as soon as possible to find out all the things that excites her so much and give these key emotions come out, thus eliminating them.

Have the courage to admit they were wrong. Most men are convinced that the main thing - is to be whatever was right. A woman knows what is the end result does not matter. In the quarrel there is no right or wrong, but there are only winners and losers. However, to recognize wrong does not mean to lose.

Stay calm, and sometimes better keep quiet. Stop in the heat of the conflict does not have a special meaning, but have a significant calming effect.

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