How to quarrel

How to quarrel
 The quarrel in any form is unpleasant, regardless, of who is right in a situation, and someone - no. A wise man once commented on the argument: "I never take offense, because it is meaningless. Quarrel can occur in two cases: when you do not want to offend or when deliberately seeks to you offended by this man. If, I did not want to offend - so why be offended? And if you want to offend anyone, then why bring such pleasure? ". Consider some of the tips that contribute to the "correct" quarrel.

The reason because of which began to quarrel, can be anything - from a bad mood before tactless words. In any case, in the midst of the scandal has already been done will not matter.

It is important to calm down, to normalize breathing and heartbeat, drink a glass of water and remember that next to you favorite person who five minutes ago was still just ducky. And as such it is now and just went into the role of the aggressor.

Write a good word about it on paper, hand it over to him, and you'll see an instant change of emotion on his face. And then we can discuss the problem and a cup of coffee.

Psychologically your opponent in a quarrel wants to crush, to impose their point of view, because staying in a rage, he strontium another question simply does not understand. Rather pointless to stop the flow of his words, agree with everything he says.

You do not know how to cook !? Yes, that's right, not everyone is born chefs. You drive, like a monkey, although that would be better handled !? Of course, my driving style is unique. Thus, the first party quarrels will be interesting to swear, because it puts the opponent does not, "ember into the conversation."

Quarrel subside, and your opponent will go to conciliation, mentally reliving that he let off steam, and you - silently listened and did not make excuses.

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