How to break up with your favorite

How to break up with your favorite
 Broken relationships often leave an imprint in the mind and heart of both boys and girls. Especially if they have been together for a long time or very attached to each other. To ease the pain of separation is necessary to consider some points.  
 Maybe doubt for a long time periodically appear or you just realized at one point that it is unlikely you along the way. Inner experiences may have different origins, but if they are concerned, it would be foolish to ignore them. Therefore, after analyzing all you need to pass to business.

First, you should honestly admit to herself that bothers you in this relationship. The reason may lie in the selfish and rude behavior of Man. Or, on the contrary, the thing you have: a man tries his best, but at the same time you do not have special feelings. In any case, requires a clear and specific explanation. Then you can proceed in accordance with one of the following options:

Option 1. In a suitable environment to try to explain my excitement, anxiety and fear of the young man. After all, you may be somewhat exaggerated or have wound themselves, and maybe that is misunderstood. In any case, the conversation may either eliminate the controversial issue, or convince you that you are acting correctly.

Option 2. Suitable only in the case when the girl everything is clear, and she does not want to waste time on useless conversations. She needed only to announce its decision to the guy. Where and how it would be right to do? Firstly, you need to choose a convenient and comfortable place for the two of you. Secondly, it would be wise to take care of this situation, in which there is no extraneous distractions. But today's young people are not highly experienced in this respect, and speak (or rather write) the severance of relations is considered perfectly acceptable by e-mail or text messages. But is this politely? It is best to speak all in the eyes. At the same time, try to be firm and show that your decision is not impulsive, and weighted and can not be appealed. Guys are different and perhaps your can suddenly begin to ask for forgiveness for all the sins and the promise that all are now going to be different. But do not give. Try to explain their position as soon as possible and end the conversation.

Most likely, the soul will be an unpleasant aftertaste, and doubt not yet time to visit you - this is not surprising. Remind yourself that sometimes separation is the only solution.

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