From love to hate: what suit your feelings after the break

From love to hate: what suit your feelings after the break
 It would seem the ideal option after parting would forget former partner forever and move on. However, not everyone is so easy in human relationships - and women are often at risk to get caught up in the abyss of self-pity and a desire for revenge.
 Some women after breaking reborn like a phoenix. Already after a relatively short time you will find that spending a lot of time and effort trying to save a hopeless marriage. And now you can spend it all on yourself. Listen to your needs, follow their desires, enjoy the freedom, and then in life you are waiting for brighter prospects.

You have made a step from love to hate and stopped. Now all your free time you devote to the wiles of inventing ex-boyfriend. On it you spend an incredible amount of energy. Try to shift the focus: be beautiful and successful woman not to spite him, and for their own benefit. And if you so need to feel hatred for the former partner, select yourself on this a couple of hours a day and do it on schedule.

You had a young man with a considerable length of time you have common children and memories. And ex-husband could be your new best friend. After all, you already know that he is able to understand and tolerate you. We just need to ensure that your current man to deal adequately with the situation.

You can stubbornly wait for the ex realizes his mistakes and come back to you. But until that happens, the expectation can be justified by his loneliness and failure, and may cause feelings of guilt at the former ungrateful husband. If you do not want to stay in this state, find out why exactly this man converged wedge light.

Unfortunately, many women are not so easy to put up with the betrayal of a loved one, and they begin to assume a priori that all men such as the former. If you want to get out of this vicious circle, write down all the sins that plague your ex-spouse and understand that it features unique to a particular individual - your Aix. And that at the moment he is far and hurting you is not a man, but you are.

Did you break the relationship that lasted more than a year, and do not feel any emotion about it. It's not bad and not good, just in case you should think about, and whether love.

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