For what men love bitches

For what men love bitches
 Men seldom recognized in love bitch, but at the same time prefer them. Very often you can find a situation in which a man throws his gentle, kind, loyal girl for unscrupulous and arrogant bitch.

Usually, men prefer bitchy girls because of their excellent self-esteem, and the ability to present themselves as the most remarkable. It may not be pretty, and convinced her attractiveness and sexuality. This belief is transmitted to the man, and he begins to believe in its originality.

Conquer the bitch is much harder than normal girl. And inaccessibility, has always attracted men. It feels a conqueror, and relations with bitch contain a constant struggle. Such a woman is always trying to fall in love with a man, and Okrut break.

Also, men prefer a bitch because of their unpredictability, life with such women always goes like a volcano. Today - she meets a romantic dinner and a massage, and tomorrow - hysterics without cause. Such passion in a relationship - great choice for men who can not tolerate stability and marital relations.

Too many men have affairs with a bitch to boost their self-esteem. After all, this woman is always the center of attention of men. Her many want, but the fact that it is yours - makes a man self-confident.

Bitches attract men and their sexuality, passion in bed and readiness for new experiments in the relationship. They think primarily about himself and his purposes, and successfully achieve all.

Of course, many men love bitches, but to build a family life they are prepared only with a serious girl who can be trusted. For the perfect relationship, the girl should be primarily a support for a loved one, and only occasionally show notes bitchiness to intrigue her man.

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