Sexual obsession: Myths and Realities

Sexual obsession: Myths and Realities
 What is a "sexual obsession"? Promiscuity, perversion or disease? This term can be defined as a morbid attachment to a sex as such. In another way, this obsession called erotomania, sexual concern. But to determine where high loving person becomes an obsession, is quite difficult, because people are different and have different temperament and character.

Sexual obsession can be any person, at any age, any social situation. This mental disorder can develop like a respectable men in leadership positions in the prestigious company, and innocent at first glance, girls.

Some people often change their sexual partners, but it is impossible to consider their concerns. Obsessed person is different in that their actions often he can not control, can not restrict their sexual desires, even if he wants it. The person is ready to have sex, regardless of the consequences of their actions. In this case, after intercourse, he feels a strong sense of guilt and shame. In order to achieve sexual pleasure erotomaniac ready to use any methods: virtual sex, prostitution, exhibitionism, etc. In the most severe cases, a person can go on the offense.

Sexual obsession devastating impact on human life. Due to the constant sexual desire, he is in a state of permanent stress, deteriorating relationships with family, at work, with friends. There may be financial problems as to satisfy their fantasies and desires, anxious people are willing to spend lots of money on pornography, prostitution, phone sex. Some people have trouble with the law because of antisocial behavior (voyeurism, exhibitionism, etc.).

Uncontrolled expression of sexual desire may negatively affect health: promiscuous and unsafe sex can cause many sexually transmitted diseases. Some to get rid of guilt begin to abuse alcohol and take drugs.

In general, the occurrence of sexual obsession in humans is associated with mental health reasons. Some of them are even from childhood, while others have emerged in adult life. If a child is seen as a family there were constant quarrels, the mature age he may fear a serious relationship, he has a fear to trust a friend, fear of betrayal. And so he tries to fill the void in his personal life multiple sexual partners. And if you do not fight it, then gradually it can become an obsession.

Other causes of erotomania become constant stress and prolonged depression, rape, low self-esteem, need for attention. People who have these problems, sex is often perceived as the only possibility to solve them. Some people just do not know how different build relationships. For them, sex - the only way to have some kind of relationship.

Sexual obsession, like any other mental disorder, is treatable. For its successful outcome, it is important not only to identify the causes of erotomania, but to prove to man that such a concern is not the norm, replace it with a more appropriate behavior, help boost self-esteem, deal with internal personality conflicts.

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