Beats - it means love, or how to tame the aggressor

Beats - it means love, or how to tame the aggressor
 Almost inevitable conflicts in family life. Of the spouses solve problems affecting their marital happiness. Constant desire to subjugate the other, the suppression of his will and humiliation - signs of behavior domestic tyrant.
 Perhaps the relationship with that person starts quite well. His aggressive masculinity seems, the desire to have his own - independence and determination, and stiffness and even cruelty - reliability. Against the background of spineless sissy brutal man even looks attractive.

Gradually, however, begins to show that your role in the family is reduced to pleasing lord and master. The slightest manifestation of independence on your part shall be punished by a scandal, or boycott, in the most severe cases, physical abuse. You constantly criticize the man who once claimed that he loves you. You get used to feel constantly guilty and in response to the rare praise ready to wag its tail if it was you. Husband, consciously or intuitively, you instills guilt and inferiority, because man crushed complexes, there is no desire to rebel and change something.

The worst thing is that all your efforts to please do not change the situation in the family. Spouse will always find a reason to find fault and blame you, in a bad economic management, that does not matter, you look like or that he was in trouble at work and a bad mood. If moral pressure is accompanied by physical violence, think for what tolerate these delights of family life.

Get together with the spirit and write on a piece in two columns the pros and cons of your marriage. There is a danger that you will implicitly lead idea, suggestion husband: you useless housewife and homely woman and no one needs. This is not true: you were beautiful interesting girl, when married, otherwise the picky type you would not have married. Nothing has been lost, and you can regain a sense of happiness and freedom.

If you think that you married is better than one, try to change your relationship with your spouse. Begin to meet with friends and family, spend more time on hobbies. Only freed from the complex of the victim, you will be able to change the relationship with her husband. Try to explain to him that it does not suit you in your relationship, "My dear, I do not see any reason to try, because you're still always happy. If you do not like something, do it yourself and show me how. "

After each reproach her husband for lunch tasteless or bad stroked shirts can stop for a while to cook and wash all with the same explanation: why should I try if you all do not like? If the spouse raises his voice, defiantly plug the in-ear earphones, turn on your favorite music and enjoy a interesting work.

Any attempt battering should rigidly suppressed. If you have male relatives who can intercede for you to contact them. If there are no relatives, do not hesitate to involve the police. It is important to make it clear to her husband that endure insults and neglect of you will not. After all, for a family of aggression need two sides: the aggressor and the victim. Do not be a victim, there will be no aggression.

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