As he eats, so is sex

As he eats, so is sex
 A man can lie, looking into his eyes and spilling compliments, he can dissemble, speaking of his ardent passion to your person, but his manner is, to say the whole of it. Want to know what your partner in bed? Eating together - to help you!

Have passed away are the days when women fainted from a glance at the man and first met her future husband at the altar only. The modern woman is more open to relationships in every sense of the word, therefore, she would like to know in advance what to expect from their chosen sex.
To satisfy your curiosity, and partly to reassure anxious thoughts, some of the fair sex, are chosen from the beach, trying to guess the size of what awaits them. Wiser, carefully eyeing the man during a meal. Look closely and you!

Food - the only passion that can not hide the man. During the meal he does not lie and do not pretend, remaining faithful to their own taste preferences. Here is when you can learn how to have sex with him, after looking carefully to what and how they eat.

The first type can be described as "always hungry." Such men are not too selective in food. They throw themselves with gusto for food, "sweep" all in a matter of seconds, his whole appearance showing how they love to eat. At the same time there is a feeling that they were not fed for a long time.

Sexually such a man to pounce on you as soon as he saw a horizontal surface, and sometimes without seeing itself. His movements hasty and impetuous - he was not up preludes! Fervor and passion with which he proceeds to have sex, however, disappear as lightning, as they appeared.

Gourmet - a type of men with good taste. Analyzing food, and knowing exactly how delicious restaurant cook, he enjoys food and is able to teach you to enjoy it. He knows how to enjoy life and appreciate the beauty, even in its simplicity. In bed a man, too, will bring you a lot of amenities, revealing new facets of sensations.

The third type is called very poetic, Japanese style - "light shadow moving along the edge of a plate." Meal this man resembles the action of cold-blooded warrior. Quietly, without unnecessary emotions, sometimes reluctantly, he starts eating all instantly absorbs, and sits aloof, as if not eaten anything.

By sex, these men are no extra enthusiasm and emotion. "Divorce" you to have sex, they only pursue their sexual interests, not really worrying about someone else's desires and feelings. You have not been able to understand that having sex, and already over.

The fourth type, called "common man." In the food is unpretentious. Prefer a "real" man's food and spirits. In this he is like Winnie the Pooh, "Let us all, but more! »

This is the same type of men who love chubby girls and curvy women. When choosing a partner, he looks primarily at its curvy shape, healthy glow and a smile that would melt the heart. He quickly comes on and goes off quickly. Does not have the refined manners. Tries, but does not know how to lie. In general, it is quite normal type, unless his healthy appetite, does not go into unhealthy.

The next type - "lady's finger." In this case, and the table, and sex is almost impossible without the help of a doctor.

The last type - "miser". These men if they would agree to a joint lunch or dinner, only at your expense. However, they can refer to employment, food and the harmfulness of other nonsense. In sex, as well as at the table, will perform "duty" sparingly and as needed.

Folk wisdom says that you can know a person eating a peck of salt with him. Women's observation is able to reveal the essence of men without such torment. It will save your own time, nerves and protect against unnecessary frustration in a partner.

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