7 ways to experience their sexuality

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 Female sexuality - it's not revealing outfits and provocative behavior. This is the "highlight", a mystery, a promise, a subtle hint and ability to properly present themselves. Sexy woman knows how to attract views, drew the attention of men and become the object of their desires.

1. Love yourself. Just be what you see in the mirror with disheveled hair, not made up, or vice versa, with elegant styling and luxurious dress. Almost every woman can be a long list their "flaws." After all, even the waist, an inch higher than the standards of beauty, to cast its possessor disheartening. Men feel confident that you radiate, and themselves begin to believe that met the best of all women. It is very flattering to the male ego, and thus besieged by fans will be.

2. Flirt. Even if the relationship with your loved one lasted more than a year, and dating changed the harsh everyday life together, do not forget about flirting. Languid smile, suggestive jokes and frank letter sent to e-mail a loved one in the middle of the day, will help to avoid routine in a relationship. It is not necessary to avoid and innocent flirting with other men, so you have time to make their own attractiveness and appeal.

3. Move. Sport not only helps to improve the shape and improve the elasticity of the skin, but also leads to the release of endorphins, or hormones of happiness. Because of this, a good mood and self-confidence will be your constant companions. If exhausting exercise you do not like, you should go dancing or even a strip of plastic. Your movements will become more pliable, and the body - flexible. There will also be something to please her lover in the bedroom.

4. Wear a beautiful lingerie. Sexologists claim that faded cotton underwear - the first bell, saying that the woman is ready to give up on himself as a sexual object. Lace or silk panties, worn under a business suit or jeans can make you feel much more feminine. Also, now you are always ready for a nice "accidents".

5. Make time for yourself. Every day, pay at least half an hour myself and care for your body. Bath, scented foam covered with a cap, mask and favorite cream can work wonders. You will feel relaxed, rejuvenated and incredibly attractive. This item should be on your list of urgent matters before cleaning, laundry and ironing.

6. Dress Up. Not necessarily update the wardrobe every season, but be aware of the major trends and try to match them necessary. If you do not like shopping and not targeting at fashion stores, you prefer the classics, which is suitable for everyone. Blue straight jeans and a white T-shirt, pencil skirt and blouse waisted, little black dress - these images brought to mind more than one generation of men.

7. involved. There is nothing sexier than a gleam in his eyes and a joyful smile. Do only what brings you pleasure, infect the people around her enthusiasm and aspire to new heights.

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