Zalyublyu-torment, or when he loves too

Zalyublyu-torment, or when he loves too
 Someone desperately lacking in attention from the life of a loved one, but the other women, on the other hand, complain of too attentive to the molestation of their attitude toward themselves men. Yes, it happens sometimes. It would seem, rejoice so bright displays of affection, but no - at times it is impeding good relations.  

First of all, you need to understand the portrait of a man who loves too much. It has many positive qualities - he is kind and generous, helpful and sympathetic. He always wonder what you have there occurs in relationships with friends, at work and even in the shower. He is jealous of you. Everything seems to be fine. Here are just manifest all these positive traits in hypertrophied form. In view of its concern with time begins simply "get." They loved the daily questions about whether you had dinner, how much you get home, etc.

The generosity of this man can also manifest itself in the most "sophisticated" form. For example, an expensive gift for you it can be purchased at your overall money, and, at last. To the remark that it could not do, he replied that he knows best what you need.

Separately, it must be said about the attacks and unfounded jealousy. Such moments occur regularly - when you're just dealing with a stranger calling you or a colleague. At the same time like to say that just really, really loves you. In fact, it appears that too with a loving man partner will feel a kind of golden cage - like everything at all, and the love and care, but the freedom of personal space is not perfect.

Psychologists share of men in the distinctive types. Analyze which of them belongs to your partner. Perhaps this will help make the right decision and to change something in my life.

Perhaps you have at home, "man-father" (there is a type)? He takes care of around the clock, pampered as a child. Ideal for those ladies who are not interested in a career and their own self-expression.

Man with neurotic traits. This man looks - great feel, and inside - a neurotic need for love. He's a real owner who always need proof of your love. A husband or a loved one is able to wear down seriously.

Anyone who nedolyubili in childhood. If this type of "caught" you, you will bathe in kindness and care. After all, a man eager to prove that he is worthy of love. All good, but the time will come when such a sacrificial attitude just torment partner.

Whatever your man, cherish the love and appreciate him. After all, if it exists - that's good. How many women suffer from lack of attention, believe me, it is much worse!

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