Why are guys so often talk about sex?

Why are guys so often talk about sex?
 Most young men often talk about sex, and it is an axiom. Often objects such communication are not only friends in the company, but also unfamiliar girl. Vulgar jokes, shout after him, sounding quite disappointing, and each of us asks the question: why do they do it?

All these sexy cries they need to enhance their own self-esteem. Speaking vulgarity, young people are often afraid and eyes to see, and it once again underlines how he was not sure of their sexual power, and how it needs to regularly receive confirmation of male.

Discussing in close range of their male sexual adventures guys thereby stimulate each other to further exploits.

Moreover, it is an opportunity to share some ideas, thoughts about how to seduce a particular girl, how to behave when meeting and during sex. Thereby replenishing store of knowledge, they reduce their uncertainty.

Namely it from young guys very much. Fear not be "male" is very large, because it undermines the authority of the male circle of friends. They want to be like everyone else, steep and sexually active, even if the reality of this activity is not visible.

Also, many of the guys started talking about sex are trying to hide their feelings and affection for one girl. They are not in any way do not want to pass and henpecked weakling. Feelings, emotions, love, affection - all this is the weaker sex, but a real man, in their opinion, should only think about his sexual satisfaction at the level of the body.

Often picking up the topic of sex, young people like to give to understand everything else in this field he focuses easy, you can even say it is a connoisseur. Its no surprise, he takes with ambiguous smile, hinting that he knows it. But, given that sex - it is an endless field of study of any person, then we can say that the guys just prove his ignorance.

Trying to look like a sort of "rooster among chickens", young people, talking endlessly about sex, just scare the fair sex. The fact is that in these conversations and found their weakness, but a little later, as adults, they will understand.

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