What to feed love

What to feed love
 Mankind has always sought substances, allowing the flame of passion burn longer. Sometimes reached the point of absurdity - to take at least craze medieval Knights of Spanish fly. In reality, it turned out that for these cases is enough to enter into the diet of a few extra, but quite ordinary ingredients.

Aphrodisiacs - substances that enhance sexual desire, contained in a number of plant-based foods: figs, celery, walnuts and others. But most of all they are rich in seafood - shrimp, squid, clams clams and scallops.

It is noteworthy that similar properties for many years been attributed and chocolate. Several decades ago, scientists have dispelled this myth. Chocolate has substances that contribute to the production of endorphins - feel-good hormones. On sexual activity is not directly affected by chocolate. With regard to alcohol, it should be consumed in moderation. Vasodilator action alcohol beverage known since ancient times, but heavy doses difficult to obtain the pleasure of intimacy.

What is the "feed" the love? There may be several options. In any case, it is not necessary to go on a romantic date, suggesting a continuation of a pleasant, on an empty stomach. Also, do not and overeat. Eat light vegetable salad of cabbage, carrots and celery, seasoned with olive oil. For the stronger sex is also recommended not too fried steak. Try not to have butter, gravity contributes to the stomach and severely drink carbonated beverages.

If before a passionate night provided a romantic trip to the restaurant, the best order seafood, accompanied by a glass of white wine, others. Romantic flair of the drink fueled more passion than a liter of beer paired with a plate of potato chips.

If the task is to spur long passion in family relationships, it makes sense to completely revise the diet. However, it should be done gradually, gently. Sharp rejection of conventional products, as well as - the introduction of new may not be the best way affect the work of the digestive tract. And then, either before any lovemaking business generally will not. The optimal option menu: cereals - for breakfast, vegetables, beef or seafood - for lunch, dairy products or fish - for dinner. Between meals - fruit.

Why not prepared, for example, shrimp salad with strawberries? 300 g / m prawns take 100 grams of celery petiolar, 150 g ripe strawberries ground, 20 g walnuts and quite a bit of fresh red hot peppers. Clean shrimp, peppers, celery and strawberries cut, walnuts ceilings and mix with olive oil, lemon juice and honey, taken in equal proportions. This salad was a favorite salad Madame de Pompadour, and it, believe me, I knew a lot about the joys of love.

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