Top 5 female sex toys

Top 5 female sex toys
 In the bedroom, many women have a nook, which stores favorite toys. No, it's not a doll or teddy bears. The girls grew up, and toys have now other. They can be played alone and with a partner - they are perfectly able to diversify sex life and give new sensations.

Vibrator or dildo

Dildos usually repeat the anatomical structure of the penis, and thus they are always ready to meet the female desire - because they do not have problems with erection. This toy with a long history - Archaeology and come down to our times an image is said that in ancient China and ancient Greece, women used them. Then they were made of wood, bone, and even stone.

Modern copies are made of latex, gel, rubber, silicone, and they are completely different shapes, colors and sizes - from the realistic to the giant. Dildo lets you relive the familiar sensations and new, if, for example, use it during sexual intercourse with a man.

Vibrators - a vibrating dildos with built-in mechanism, and they are vaginal, anal, a variety of shapes and sizes, with a variety of high-speed mode. Vibrator make for faster and stronger pleasure

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls intended for vaginal muscle training or for masturbation, and they can be used not only in the bed. Piquancy is that even at work, on a walk or during a shopping trip inside you can be this erotic device that seamlessly from others will give you pleasure. Two connected lace ball, made of wood, plastic or metal will help you become more relaxed and trained in sexual games.

Anal Stimulator

Silicone balls for anal stimulation suitable for those who love the feeling witty. Strung on each other a few balls of different sizes (from the smallest to the largest end up at the bottom) and the ring, allowing just remove the toy will give unusual sensations as during the lonely nights, and during the lovemaking with a man.


Another toy will help enhance sexual feelings - it vibropompa to the clitoris. It can not only enhance the pleasure due to the mechanism of vibration, but also by air injection. It is easy to operate and is completely safe.


Lubricant or lubricant will help make your sex more enjoyable, exciting and even safe. Sometimes enough to just drop of lubricant on the clitoris to achieve a bright orgasm during sex.

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