Psychology of men: he really thinks?

Psychology of men: he really thinks?
 Women complain that men's psychology - a closely guarded secret. Say, it is impossible to predict what they think men than they are guided. And most importantly, what they really mean when they talk about anything with women.
 To understand male psychology, women need to understand elementary thing: the stronger sex is completely different. It is not about the anatomical features, and the differences in the hormonal background, which require special thinking and behavior. That is why when a woman tries to understand man, guess what he was thinking, looking at it from the point of view of your gender, it fails.

Here are some typical examples. The girl made a stylish haircut, and even bought a great dress that she really is. Naturally, she longs to hear compliments from her boyfriend. And offended to tears when he kept throwing: "Well, nice ..." and then switches to some occupation. The girl's suspicions: lost interest, out of love, got himself another. But actually really liked the guy and hairstyle and dress. But the stronger sex gives much less important appearance and also less emotional. It is absurd to expect from the guy the same enthusiastic and envious of erotic and sighs as of girlfriends.

Or a man is going to meet with friends. A woman wants to keep him company, but for some reason he does not want to take it, confining vague (and very suspicious from her point of view) explanations, saying that there are only men. And one out. The woman is very offended, inflames himself draws the imagination scenes of betrayal. But the man did not cheat. Indeed, they took something like a stag. Well, I want a strong floor sometimes gather in a purely male company, to talk about football, women, drink beer, after all! Similarly, as the weaker sex at least occasionally want to arrange a bachelorette party, to talk about her, about women. Really it was hard to think of such a simple thing? Do not look for the catch, second bottom in the words of men. Remember, often the man says exactly what he thinks.

Very often it happens: a woman something emotionally tells the man complains waiting for sympathy, but he did not seem to hear her. Sitting with some kind of impenetrable, obviously thinking about something else. Woman ready to burst into tears of burning resentment: what is he callous, unfeeling! And the thing is that the sexes are different psychology. A woman needs to talk, while at the same time she can talk about anything. The man immediately begins to think about how to solve the problem, and for that he needs to focus, not distracted by extraneous issues.

As well said D. Carnegie: "If you want someone to understand - mentally put yourself in his place! »

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