How to tame a man

How to tame a man
 Every woman in love is ready to spend time with her beloved man, but that is not always he could be next. Many are beginning to think and build evil plans, as if his tie to him. If you too are interested in it, learn a few tips to help tame a man.

1. Yield
Try to give in and agree with him on the little things. Do not make unnecessary tantrums. Man does not like it when she fights with him for leadership. Leader - a man!

2. Strain
Sometimes spend time without a loved one, do not put it in popularity. Let him call and ask where you are. Let him know that you can not always be around. Let the man will think that you also need to win.

3. Be honest
Talk to the man, share with him their concerns. Many of them think that the woman's mind, only one - a hike to the registrar. On the contrary, it is necessary to convince him by saying that you are afraid to such a serious step. You'll see, after these revelations man stops you fear.

4. Praise
Man comforting to know that he is respected and valued. Talk to him more light compliments. When he will experience positive emotions meetings with you, he will want to see you more often. And there, perhaps, a wedding is not far away.

5. Make friends
But with friends the young man will be harder to make friends, but if you have yet to receive, it is only a plus, because there will be new and reliable allies.

6. Connect
Joint exercises - the best way to rally. Ask about his favorite interests. Maybe it will be your hobby. Just do not engage in business unloved for you, or eventually you will start to get angry and annoyed, but he will not understand what was going on.

7. Try
Try to bed to give him an unforgettable experience that when remembering of you were shaking hands and knees.

8. Respect
Never rummage in his personal belongings. Everyone has the right to personal space. Respect and trust him.

9. Enjoy
If he will feel that you are happy with him, he will seek to make you even happier, and it means that you have achieved your goal and tamed man.

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