How to recognize a henpecked

How to recognize a henpecked
 For a long time there is a category of men whom the common people called henpecked husbands. How do you know that a man is such and how bad is it? There are a number of features that can detect this kind. If you suddenly find your man most of these features, you can safely draw the conclusion that your man has you "under the thumb".
 To recognize henpecked, try to very little. For example, listen to feedback the next of kin, friends and acquaintances about his weak half. Very often on a woman says: "It is - the head of the family, she does everything, does not expect any help from him, because it is better versed in everything. And he only assents and sometimes timidly objected, but he knows that it is useless, it just under her heel. "

The most common type henpecked - a man crushed by the emancipated woman. Hiding behind its success, it is a poor underdeveloped personality loser and gruel. These men live with a constant feeling of guilt and realize that did not take place in life, while satisfied with any indulgence on the part of his woman. Very rarely, dreaming of freedom, a secret from his wife, he drinks a bottle of beer or found on 10 minutes with a friend. The wife, in turn, uses only his physical abilities, believing that the rest of her is available in abundance.

The man - a clear henpecked, if you prefer never to argue with his woman, swallows in public criticism from her and all sorts of verbal attacks in his address. Very often he has only pocket money. He is unable not to make your own clothes, but also buy something from the necessary things because family money disposes wife. He can not afford to raise his voice, sometimes not even knowing where his toolbox or export documents.

Another type of henpecked characterized by a rather high intelligence. The representative of this type tries not to discuss with a woman everyday problems and always around agrees simply shifting all the difficulties on the shoulders of his wife. Most often it is the writers, scientists, which is very important for total immersion in their favorite thing. All other concerns his little worried. As a rule, for him there is a clearly defined scale of values: well-kept house, traditional family, quiet children, filed on time and bought food clothing and footwear. All this must take its course, without conflicts and other complications. But if suddenly the wife will be allowed some "excesses", he begins to point to its improper "behavior" and tries to put it on the "place" that is,.to. considers himself held strong and intelligent person. This kind of henpecked clearly draws the boundaries of behavior of his wife and will not tolerate their violation. 

Next view - this being a slave mentality. It makes all the humiliation and shame. Very miserable person. He lives in constant expectation that his woman will do for him all his deeds and solve the problem.

Perhaps men read these characteristics were surprised or even offended. However, those who truly love and adore his woman, tried and will try to do everything to please her, even if for some parameters suitable for describing the henpecked. The main thing that a man had self-esteem and loved his mate. Any woman will appreciate it, and as a result her side will be exactly the man she deserves.

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