How to make sex more attractive family

How to make sex more attractive family
 This happens gradually and imperceptibly. That is until recently you see enough of each other could not have used any opportunity to be alone. Then there was the joy of full recognition and understanding of each other and then ... Then the bedroom a place where you discuss the new repair and evaluation of children, and then go to sleep under different quilts.

To family sex does not turn into a boring routine or stops it be necessary to work. Moreover, both work. Remember that in order for your relationship even after years of living together was a passion, not only soft and cozy hug, you should try to become your partner for a desirable goal, as before.

What does this mean and how is it possible, living together? Difficult, yes. But feasible. First, no matter how trivial, try to look good. Yes, you get older, but in every age has its own beauty. Take care of yourself, do not allow yourself to blossom, to get fat, to be untidy.

Remember how delighted your husband look at you on the first date? So try to achieve this delight. Me. Change your hairstyle, clothing style, even hair color does not fade in the same way, even if your favorite says that he likes you and such.

Add spontaneity in sex life. Routine kills the man's desire. And women too. You used to have sex twice a week, in the evening on Saturday and Sunday? Change the script - Head of Service for half an hour early, wake up her husband's gentle kisses, or even a massage. Or choose a meeting with him at lunchtime if possible and engage in sex in your respectable family car.

Try to study the Kama Sutra together or watch porn. This is often liberating and gives new impetus to the sex. You've already adults, experienced, and can give sexual practices calmly and without haste. Even if you think you have tried everything, surely there is something still unknown.

You should not always take the initiative in their hands, it is not necessary all the time to solicit her husband - Get to it you wanted. Yes, sought! Do not forget to remind him that he desires, often kiss him, touch - just walked past him, sitting in front of the TV or at the table, clung to him in the elevator, send him indecent sms during operation.

Sometimes you can give a reason for jealousy - even if it does not exist, create it visibility. Men always appreciate more the woman who still valuable to someone. Just do not overdo it with these games, you also want sparkling sex, not scandal and divorce.

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