How to behave on a first date

How to behave on a first date
 The guy who really like a girl for the first time invited her on a date. Along with joy Woman embraces the excitement: how to dress, what to do make-up, whether in time to come or better a little late, something to talk about that guy, and so allow
 Of course, everyone is different. Nevertheless, it would be advisable to follow a few hard and fast rules.

You may be a little late. But it is a little bit! Late by more than a quarter of an hour almost certainly hurt, and was furious young man, because he will take it as disrespect to him.

Do not forget about sensible moderation, dignity. Of course, it is not about how to look frightened touchy. But a girl who behaves too relaxed, immediately begins to show a very definite interest in the guy can hardly count on stable, long-term relationship. Do not forget: the young man, who really liked the girl, trying to find an answer to the question whether it can be a good wife and mother.

Remember that the most characteristic habit of the weaker sex - talkativeness - should be exercised in female company. Men can not stand the endless talk about anything! For them, this is akin to torture. Therefore please tune: on your first date is necessary to listen more and talk less. Look carefully at the young man, from time to time nod, ask probing questions.

Trying to make an impression on the young man, take a middle ground between the two extremes: "Helpless silly" and "Too clever, and self." A man is not always a woman falls in love with a limited, against which looks like a genius. In contrast, women's stupidity, helplessness, it is often frustrating and tiring. But a woman who is clearly superior to man in anything, he is not a fan since the very fact of its superiority infringes his pride. Remember: a man flattering feel as a knight, protector and mentor.

Do not forget that the stronger sex is very appreciates good, generous, patient and understanding partners. Capricious, selfish beauty capable, of course, turn the head of the guy, but the passion passes quickly. No wonder they say: "Men are willing to flirt with such women, but do not marry them." If you want your relationship became long and strong, especially if you have views of the family, try to behave in a way that guy immediately thought: you're the kind, generous, patient and understanding. And then the first date the case is clearly not limited to!

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