How to alienate men

How to alienate men
 Female image is intended to inspire, excite and seduce sexual fantasies of men. But not every woman can cause me to all these feelings. Some traits, style of dress and behave can push any man. There are a few bugs that will be inexcusable even recognized clever and beautiful.

Wrong to think that men pay little attention to the appearance of women, the degree of grooming. Negligence in clothes, makeup and hairstyle men will notice immediately. On a subconscious level, they will note any bar, indicating the untidiness, especially when such a condition is a constant for a woman. Broken nails with traces of non-erased varnish, dirty hair, unshaven legs very few people can draw.

Low self-esteem and also affects the behavior of the woman, her demeanor. This lady is not sexually attractive. If she does not love themselves and do not like myself, it is stiff and clamped it lacks zest and flirty, which is peculiar to those who know his worth.

The caller, accentuated sex appeal may also deter men who used to hunt themselves, and not be the subject of hunting. Too bright make-up, aggressive, upcoming demeanor makes guard - a girl is not popular, and uses this method to draw attention to itself, or it may require a "reward" for continuing the relationship.

Some women on the contrary, show coldness and any lack of interest in courting males. This manner can be a cause for suspicion in her ability to feel and be passionate. And it was so appreciated the passion of men in their loving women.

Oddly enough, even male smokers do not like those women who do not produce a cigarette from his mouth. Needless to say that such a kiss "ashtray" not very nice. Repulsive odor from fingers, clothes reeking of tobacco inexcusable even men.

Some women suffer from a lack of a sense of proportion. They put on too many accessories, jewelry, their spirits are too heavy. For an abundance of trinkets and cosmetics woman herself is simply impossible to discern. Lately, fashion is considered natural when a skilled makeup and elaborate outfit emphasizes the natural beauty and dignity of the female figure.

Vulgarity is difficult to define, but unmistakably there. She is not a woman to face. The ability to be a woman means no sign of this repulsive.

If you consider these errors, you can always remain attractive to male friends and so only the ones you love.

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