How is flirting

How is flirting
 Flirt - is a kind of an exciting game, which is the way people interact with each other. Many assume that such behavior brings only love, romantic, or sexual innuendo. But this is not the case.  
 Flirting can also be a kind of companionship, and a ridiculous joke. All this causes confusion - everyone sees this process in their own way. To simplify the task of several recognition should elaborate on how the case flirt.

Fortunately, this issue and puzzled scientists from the University of Kazakhstan, who have decided to look into such a complex topic. The study involved about 5,000 people, so it turned to consider this topic in most detail. At the expiration of a fairly long period of time has been received detailed results, which revealed all previously unknown motives or those hints that it was simply impossible to correctly recognize. After flirting right - it's an art.

Scientists have identified five types of flirting: physical flirting, flirting traditional, polite flirt, flirting peace and flirting game. Physical flirting, often chosen by people who are quite difficult to hide their feelings. Expressed it in his arms and a wide variety of touch, limited only by imagination and human morality.

During the traditional flirting protagonist is a guy who literally love is born with the most ordinary friendship. It can be expressed as anything - again, all depends on the person.

The most restrained with confidence can be called polite flirtation. Here the highlights of "love game" are good manners and unforgettable romantic dinners, which can easily spill over into a more serious relationship. After all, this kind of seduction fully used only by professionals.

Sincere flirting, in turn, acts completely contrary - no hanging or individual interests of its purpose is to establish an emotional connection. But the game is not a flirt is nothing useful - it was created for selfish sided games, only increases self-esteem.

Anyway, research scientists have made quite a significant contribution information. With this knowledge is now easier to understand exactly what the purpose intended man to contrive flirt with you.

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