Drove a minute for a beer, or How to deal with his rudeness

Drove a minute for a beer, or How to deal with his rudeness
 Any mistreatment painful wounds of man. And if you are rude talking beloved, it is doubly painful and sad. Some women suffer a lack of respect for life, and others decide to deal with impermissible rudeness.  
 To put an end to the rudeness of your boyfriend or husband, first we must understand where lie the origins of such behavior. As a rule, do not come from nowhere.

First note of what your environment came a young man and with whom he communicates at the moment. This may explain a lot. If the soul of a man has no desire to become better, to deal with rudeness probably useless. When you raise your head and loudly bragging about dignity, will remain a high risk with a black eye. Think, and whether you need such a relationship?

Second, carefully analyze the relationship between his parents. Half of the children voluntarily or involuntarily transferred to model parent family in his. Perhaps his father constantly rude to his mother and lorded it over her. Now your partner can do the same, not even thinking it is bad or not. In this case, try to talk with your loved ones, so to say "open the eyes" of the situation, explaining that there are other ways to communicate with his half.

Third, consider how a man treats you. If he respected you, whether it likes. Often rude and boorish behavior cause severe irritation. A stimulus can be yourself. Maybe your partner wants to break the relationship, but does not know how to do it. As a result - disrespect and abuse in your address.

Whatever the reason for the rough behavior of the partner, you can not go down to his level and start to be rude in return. So you'll never get out of this vicious circle. Home is your task - to cause self-esteem in the eyes of men. Since any rough, crony, frivolous behavior is caused by the fact that you do not respect and do not appreciate. Perhaps the man does not see you as an equal partner or desired, gentle woman. There is a simple rule: when there is a problem, it is necessary to begin to solve it with you.

If you are constantly reproached money, become financially independent. You have lost their attractive shapes and hear insults from her husband in this regard - Bring yourself back to normal. Send not hesitate for a beer? Perhaps you just hold for a messenger, and do not consider the woman he loved. Think, and whether the person next to you, because you deserve more.

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