Cruel Intentions: features female pickup

Cruel Intentions: features female pickup
 The term "pick-up" comes from the English pick up, which means glue, shoot. Female pickup teaches how to please a man, how to revive fading feelings or simply to draw attention to you nice guy. Female truck has a number of features peculiar to him exclusively.

What is known about the pickup? In the men's understanding is the means by which you can easily and easy to drag a woman bed, while in the course are any funds from lies and cheap compliments to confession in a sincere and true love.

Female pickup is very different from men: and the goals and methods of warfare. This woman pikaper will never seek a fleeting sex. The main purpose of female seduction - fall in love with a man. It is much more difficult than to get one night. Over time, the men from the category of lovers into being broken hearts. The process starts from the beginning. Of course, rejected by men becomes miserable. But there is one rule works: "Either you are or you." So it is better to be a hunter, not a helpless victim.

Women - fragile and defenseless creatures, but zaarkanivaya Man, they behave sometimes cruel. Unlike men, who talk about their sexual conquests on the forums, in the circle of friends, they prefer to act quietly, secretly. The pinnacle of craftsmanship is considered to get the man in your network quickly, though not sweep eyebrow in his direction, and he is already here - lying at her feet and begs for mercy.

Girls usually put in front of him difficult to reach goals and objectives and go to them, not in spite of everything. So much more fun to fall in love a heartless womanizer or make a run for frivolous macho boyfriends get in enviable groom, for which kills more than a dozen girls. Mission: Impossible - female horse truck.

There are various reasons why girls are engaged in a pickup truck:
- A kind of revenge on the men after a series of disappointments and failed romances;
- The ability to enrich, if you divorce for money wealthy men;
- The desire to assert itself, becoming a heartless femme fatale;
- Banal boredom. Girls sometimes guys footage from idle leisure, for the conquest of men - a long process and requires a lot of psychological and physical costs. You can kill with interest free time.

In the women's arsenal is a huge amount of chips and lotions that can attract male attention: Shooting eyes, innocent game hair, gentle swaying her hips when walking, licking her lips, throwing one leg to the other, as in the movie "Basic Instinct", frivolous outfits and more .

For ohmureniya men do not necessarily have the title of "Miss World". It is important to look well-groomed, neatly made up, self-confident and do not be afraid.

But we should remember that no matter how you tipster in affairs of the heart may be, should be approached with caution breaking men's hearts. After the violent games and dangerous, that all your evil deeds can get back to you like a boomerang. Be careful - take care of your heart.

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