Attention, bachelor, or How to Train a lone wolf?

Attention, bachelor, or How to Train a lone wolf?
 Men nowadays kind of almost dying. Unfortunately, all-knowing statistics are far fewer women. Come, see, tame and win - that is the task of women, dreaming of his own family and husband. Men, beware!

Men - being ambiguous. They dream of a delicious dinner and warm slippers, but the thought of living together hit on the run. Maybe the fact that representatives of the stronger sex - predators by nature, and are interested only looking for prey. When mining comes into the house and starts vacuuming, glorious warriors lose interest in it. Tame lone hunter is difficult but possible. For this purpose we first of all have patience and tune in luck.

Male bachelors are divided into several types: sissy, lonely ladies' man, a workaholic and a desperate man ordinary, not amenable to ranking. All these species have their own characteristics and methods of approach.

Sissy. A man of this type is characterized painful love for his parents and all his household. Tame it with a delicious lunch is not possible, because you will always lose his mother. But that certainly can not be found in its environment, so it's a hint of sexuality. Here in this direction and should follow. Tame such a man, you can use the beautiful clothes, languid eyes and open hints. At first, the object can resist, but do not lose hope: soon it will break and the victory will be yours.

With a man, a workaholic difficult to meet. During the day it's all in the affairs of the evening presentations or continues to work in the home office. They are vulnerable during dinner (such as a restaurant) or business receptions. To charm a man whose eyes constantly flashing numbers is quite simple. Suffice it to always be there, be necessary to monitor his progress and try to maintain a conversation. Such a man often Neustroev at home, unpretentious, and it can be tamed with the help of the same notorious slippers. After all, in spite of the total employment, a man has the right to rest. A vacation with you - the best pastime.

Lonely ladies' man. The most dangerous type of man whose relationship with a woman is like sport. This is accomplished in love affairs bachelor who is not up to snuff with the help of pins and neck. Tame it by conventional methods fail, but you can try to play on his self-esteem. Such a man sure of himself 101 percent and is able to calculate in advance every step of the female. Be original, choose different from other model of behavior and follow it religiously. Treat it as if it is you choose it and can afford parting at any time. Play with them, but do not overdo it. Unapproachable woman interesting in moderation, no one likes a bitch. Do not try to move closer, and he will understand what it is you - the woman he had dreamed all his lonely life.

Very tame and yet the most common type - ordinary man. It can lure and domesticate all the above methods at the same time, because he did not really know what he wants from a woman. And your main task - to lucidly explain their desires.

Which would mean not treated the man of your dreams, act in accordance with the approved plan and in accordance with the situation. Any rules have exceptions, but when it comes to confirmed bachelor, such derogations may be a million. But tamed man, do not relax. And then the fun begins - how to keep him. Good luck to you, dear women!

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