11 Action inept men

 Men by nature hunters used to win the heart of the woman he liked. They have their own ways and methods of influence on the soul of the weak half of humanity. This category of men include Casanova, Don Juan and other ladies' man. But often makes a strong half and unforgivable mistakes in relationships with women.

The man met with an attractive woman, they have common interests and common acquaintances. Relations have been developing gradually. And suddenly, in a conversation with his half, he begins to ask casually about the former men and makes his first mistake. Not every woman will like this interrogation. If she had not left after such communication, you need to believe that the man she obviously does not care about.

Another blunder connoisseurs of female psychology is an overabundance of attention on their part. No need to bother about the woman and often remind myself. She is definitely a pleasant male concern, but at one point it was oversaturated so much attention and just wants to hide somewhere far away from the annoying fan.

When a man really likes a girl, he is ready to throw everything at her feet and tries to invite to expensive restaurants, buying jewelry and flowers. A woman for some reason does not want to see him. This is understandable, because no self-respecting woman would not allow to buy her love.

Unforgivable mistake in the behavior of men is that it is too early to begin to talk about their feelings woman. Or ask her about her attitude toward him. After such recognition or to any woman will no longer seek meetings with the representatives of the male, or translate into the category of relations of friendship.

Other men for the love of his beloved half ready to fulfill any of its request, any whim, losing dignity. The woman will be pleased to see such efforts, but no more. Weak half of humanity does not value "true dogs".

Often guys do not keep their promises to the ladies. First, they are ready to "star from the sky wreck," and then, due to some circumstances or cases forget their words. A woman can be regarded as a man of such verbiage.

Other young men surrounded the second half want to communicate with their friends - friends over a beer. Here is lost and there is any romance obscene language, which would alienate a decent woman. Combine two incompatible companies - top of bad taste.

Men often make a mistake when after a recent acquaintance with the woman hinted she liked to have sex. For a serious relationship in such a situation, one can hardly expect.

If a man is not confident, shy and embarrassed at the sight of the woman he loved, not finding the right words, it is unlikely he will deserve her attention. Attractive women love confident and brave men, in which the force is felt.

Another error in the conduct of men is to find the approval of women in their actions. Many women are just annoying guys, ready to creep in front of them.

Another mistake men in relationships is the unwillingness to receive assistance from it. Any representative of the male does not want to show their weaknesses, likes to express their doubts or worries. A woman will interpret your behavior as an insult.

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