10 reasons why men throw women

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 Just yesterday you were all wonderful, and suddenly he was gone. Or, on the contrary: it was very bad, and after another quarrel you are left alone. Whatever the family "script", in any case, a woman is experiencing severe stress, when he learns that left her beloved man. The only thing she wants at this point to understand - why it happened to her?

"The love boat has crashed against life"

Unfortunately, the "life stuck" - not just a cliche, but the truth of life. Perhaps you are so accustomed to the daily scandals, eternally dissatisfied facial expression and tone of voice even higher in the sentence "wash dishes" that did not even notice it. But your man realized that his patience was over. After all, he began a relationship with the smiling and beautiful light, and it has become a killjoy who always nags for the slightest infraction household.

"Well you are so terrible! »

Sometimes only after the departure of the man from a family of a woman, they say, "wake up" and looks around. It can detect scruffy apartment that is unpleasant. But even worse - in the mirror and see a figure with oplyvshuyu somehow tied back hair and dirty linen stretched. For some reason many of the fair sex feel that you need to dress up and be painted only when you go out on the street. And at home, in front of her own husband, you can walk almost in rags. But for a man of great importance has the appearance of a woman. Especially when at work and leisure surround it along the "output" of beauty.

"Love descends suddenly ..."

He just fell in love with another. As bright and strong as once you. With this you need to either accept and go on his way, or start to fight for her man. But remember, even though they say that love, as in war, all means are good, it is not necessary in the heat of battle to forget about self-esteem and the elementary laws of morality.

"He - the West, she - East"

Family life and mentality of the environment in which a person grew up, is very important in his later life. And if two men met, fail to adjust to each other, they will inevitably have to break up. A man can get away without suffering something that in his family seemed unacceptable. For example, if a woman publicly raises it voice.

"Sadness, grief consumes me ..."

Boredom - still one of the causes of male grooming. Conqueror by nature, man seeks woman, and when her long time everything goes smoothly, peacefully, began to yearn and looked around, searching for new victories. And if the woman will not create him at least the illusion of novelty, it runs the risk of being alone.

"Tigress? In bed? »

Sexual compatibility in a relationship plays almost the leading role. Often the cause of the break are different "appetite" partners when one insists on the proximity and the other rejects it. If there are problems in bed, it is better to resolve them promptly and together, and not to let things drift.

"I - a lone wolf"

Some men can not be a long time in some respects. They need a sense of freedom for which they are willing to pay a break. However, if such a "lone wolf" woman goes first, he is very surprised and try to improve relations.

"And what did he see in her? »

If a man - "sissy" and his mother you actively dislike, then he might have to give up, just to please her. Some representatives of the stronger sex can not withstand the constant pressure from relatives, especially if they live nearby and constantly interfering with privacy.

"Mask, I do not know you"

You do not meet his expectations. Usually, for this reason women men cast in the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps originally in the heat of passion he had not had time to get to know you as it should, but then I realized that he needed more / less active, bitchy, shopping, caring and so on.

"How dare you! »

If a man has learned about your change, it is unlikely he will be able to live in peace with you further. Most of the stronger sex, even on their nature and are polygamous, from women require impeccable fidelity.

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