What about a man tell his socks?

What about a man tell his socks?
 Any thing can give some information about its owner, and socks in this regard is no exception. Their model, pattern and location in the room can tell about a man much more than he can imagine.  

Socks - it's not a matter of pride, and the man is unlikely to put them on display. Most likely, they will be stored in a room of your young person somewhere in a secluded place. Explore the dark corners and the space under the bed. If a man tidied apartment in a hurry, waiting for your arrival, socks can be anywhere - even on the cabinet, at least for a TV. Your task - to find them and scrutinize.

If your find - plain black socks, they should investigate carefully, as itself a color little to say about its owner. If socks pureed and faded, most likely studied the man simply choose black because of its non-staining and wear them as long as the socks do not rub off completely. If the socks are in good condition, obviously, the young man know that a good practice to pick up socks to match the shoes. However, at the same time you need to make sure that your man - the owner of a pair of black shoes.

Sports socks suggest that their owner monitor their health and knows that feet need to breathe. For such a person it is important comfort, while it is sports, disciplined and podkachen. On the owner of sports socks should pay attention.

The young man, who prefers to wear cheerful colors, polka dots and diamonds, often a humorist and soul of the company. He loves to laugh, jokes and pranks, his unconventional view of the world and a lot of friends and acquaintances with whom a man in bright socks loves to spend their free time. With such instances of good friends, but the girl in love with such a young man should be patient and not expect too much attention to itself.

If a young man studied socks too awkward and does not tally with the famous person you - think maybe socks he still buys mom.

As you can see, the socks can tell enough about the nature of man. They may not knowingly hide them from the girls.

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