Small female cunning in relations

Small female cunning in relations
 Love and mutual passion - it's not all the components of a strong and long relationship. To live, not live together, to enjoy moments of intimacy, need to find a way to each other. Against women more adjusts to his chosen, because of the nature embodied nature. But intelligent person always knows how to make her husband what she wanted.

If you are the head of the family, then you is not difficult to make important decisions on their own and find out disputes. But more often it happens that a man in every way tries to prove that he is the only owner of the house. Think about whether you want to argue with him and prove their superiority, if for itself you will still be the main.

Cheat and convince her husband that on his shoulders all the management of the family vehicle. The more responsibility, the more responsibilities: a man should provide for his family and to solve problems. It is possible to gently manipulate the husband's decision on certain issues - not to force him to do so and not otherwise, and advise encounters the right thoughts. And it does not matter what a man would think that before all, he thought of himself, because you know something, as it was in reality.

To teach her husband to help you around the house, do not yell at him. Shouting and swearing will give the opposite effect. Where more effective working flattery. Men love when amuse their self-esteem. Talk about what he's strong and smart, that without him you can not handle. You will see that the man did not refuse to help after such requests.

Build family life quietly. After a stormy showdown held almost all of the family, but do not make scandals tradition. Disputes can be solved in a conversation, finding a reasonable compromise. Women's trick is to create a man comfortable, quiet and favorable conditions for life. Then the husband will strive to home, because there waiting for him affectionate meeting and a hot dinner.

Another female secret is to keep the man's interest to him. Live in your pleasure: doing things you love, raise children, look for new friends and connections. In short, be a self-sufficient person, who knows how to sell himself. This type of women remains a mystery to men throughout their life together, so they do not lose interest in them.

Pay due attention to the intimate life. Family sex often becomes commonplace. Do not allow this. Love sex and make it variety. Arrange family romantic dinners, parties erotic films or love games. In short, it all depends on your imagination.

And do not turn into a housewife in the eyes of the elect in the extended robe. You should always impressive and sexy look - both in society and at home. A man will enjoy and admire you. Keep your body in good shape, take care of skin and hair, apply cosmetics.

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