How to diversify sex?

How to diversify sex?
 Over time, any relationship, even the most violent, blunted. Partners get used to each other, and sometimes even bored. In place of fiery passion and enchanting comes warm affection. Is this the limit of all family relationships? No, no and no again! Add peppercorns in an intimate relationship with your loved ones and to diversify sex - that's what will make your husband look at you with different eyes.

What happens in couples where the spouses have lost interest in sex? Husband and wife begin to go about their business, paying less attention to each other. They spend more time alone, preferring to chat with colleagues or friends spend time together.

The first thing you need to do to remedy this situation - to arrange a joint weekend. Children, if possible, it is better to send to Grandma's for the weekend. Think carefully about where you want to go alone with her husband: the exhibition, in the park, fishing or outing. The main thing that was interesting and enjoyable and that and the other. Pre-buy tickets or book a table in the restaurant, so as not to have any problems in your romantic holiday.

What attracts men most in women? Mystery, unpredictability - these features must be present in you in that day. Become a slightly different and show my husband that he does not know you, like the five fingers you for it - unread book.

Arrange in the late afternoon dinner in a cozy setting. If you dine at home, decorate the room with flowers, light the candles, turn on nice erotic music. Do not forget about good wine or champagne! Change of pace often adds spice to sexual relationships. Remove the room for the night and dine there, not thinking about any household chores. Surrender to each other for the first time, re-experiencing the feelings that you have experienced in your first night of love.

You can play role-playing games. Dress Up Scheherazade, a station for his master's passionate belly dance. There are not mandatory skills, most importantly - smooth, erotic movements and appropriate music. Also, no man can resist the striptease.

If dancing you do not like, you can treat her beloved husband erotic massage. To do this, use the aroma oils, evoke sensuality and sexual desire. Massage all parts of the body beloved smooth and easy movement. Erotic massage is done not only with his hands but with his lips, breasts, hair - he has to tease a man.

Undoubtedly, a romantic weekend ends the night of love. Be attentive and affectionate to her husband. Encourage your child to experiment in bed. Do not hesitate to try something new, for sure your man will appreciate the changes.

Such joint weekends and romantic evenings variety of sexual life of the spouses, as well as improve family relationships in general. Arrange them more often, ask the spouse also take the initiative and prepare something for you. You'll see how to change your attitude and the attitude of her husband's family and intimate life. Love and understand each other.

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