Holiday romance - naive deception

Holiday romance - naive deception
 In anticipation of the holiday we feel special. Easily, joyfully, as if in front of us waiting for something unlike almost - new life. That feeling of coming fairly long celebration promotes what is already on the "preparatory" stage, we are open to new relationships. So is it any wonder if the holiday romance flare up so quickly.

Holiday spent at the resort, causes a lot of positive emotions. Change the usual everyday rhythms and scenery sets a romantic mood. The body produces "happiness hormone", the mood on the height and begin to come from us some fluids. If we were to birds - I would vote, becoming even louder, even more urgent. But we - the people, and often hide even from themselves, they are ready for an easy relationship with the opposite sex. Ready right here and now.

Due to the age-old "song", through which we learn from the crowd of his or her knowledge is fast, almost for the first or second night. Developing too rapidly than if held outside the resort. Happiness in the eyes, slight dizziness, pleasant flirtation, the first touch of her hand ... After a few days we have to think about the fear that it would be if we had never met.

Most romantic of us start to think that this is "the very same" attitude. At the other extreme - sober-minded cynics who understand that holiday romance - no more than a fling. Between the poles - a large majority, which is aware of the impossibility of a serious relationship that emerged during the holidays, but deep down, so they hoped.

Most often, a holiday romance develops in the same scenario, honed by centuries: the arrival - dating - flirt - sex - attenuation of passion - departure. But in some cases one of the parties (oh, what a blessing, if both!) Decay occurs, and then start trying to bind to a sudden outbreak of the object of love.

Merciful subconscious begins to seek out obvious and non-obvious evidence of the seriousness of the feelings on the part of the partner. It throws up facts extracted from the backwoods of memory, again and again to scroll what happened during the day. Then interprets them depending on your mood. As a result of constant thoughts about his favorite - a strong feeling that without it no longer live. In fact, it is necessary at this stage to reduce the disturbing willed soul thought, and love quickly subsides. But fueled by endless "grinding", it develops into something chaotic "Brownian" rampant and overwhelming. By the way, this is the most embarrassing way in which can develop a holiday romance.

 To rest place and was not marred by jealousy or unnecessary experiences for lovers of holiday novels can advise a few basic rules of "light relations."

Getting acquainted, having fun, do not build illusions. Less than expected - the better. If your holiday novels destined to grow into something more - it will certainly happen without your participation.

 Do not limit your communication with a person pleasing beaches, restaurants and a room - visit interesting places promotes disclosure of the identity. Spirituality, as well as - possible common interests underpinning sex, contribute to serious feelings.

Good humor and fun pastime during the holiday novel does not prohibit any intimate conversations, especially if you feel that your partner needs to understand, participate. Do not deny it, and then maybe your relationship will come to a completely different level, and this resort novel you will ever be able to tell your grandchildren.

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