Going, going, or Ambulance at parting

Going, going, or Ambulance at parting
 The decision on separation from a loved one is always difficult to give. It is not enough to pack up and disperse, you will still combine a lot. And it can be not only common children, property or business. In fact remains much more connecting factors that impede separation.

1. Friends

Mutual friends is not so easy to share, especially if there was a friendly company in the days of his youth. Therefore, it is likely that you and your former loved one will continue to celebrate the holidays and relax in the nature in the company of the same people. Because of this, it may be a deceptive illusion that you are all still and after the event, you will go home together. Such illusions only hurt and tighten the painful process of separation.

What to do?

It is not necessary, of course, time to strike out from the life of the people with whom you have been friends for many years only because of the fact that your former half too friendly with them. Just try it at least the first time after parting expand social circle and make new friends in the company where you do not have to interfere with the former.

2. Places

Each couple has their "special place." For some it is the roof of a multistory building in the center of the city where there was the first declaration of love, but for someone a cozy cafe, where an acquaintance. Any visit these places after parting fraught with unnecessary mental anguish and feelings.

What to do?

Unfortunately, memories of how you were once happy, can invade even many years later. So if you care about your peace of mind, once and for all forget about these places. You will also be quieter.

3. Photographs and memorabilia Gizmos

Many people after breaking up continue to keep photos of their ex-lovers. The same applies to the various commemorative gizmos: brought from travel souvenirs and gifts cute forgotten ex-lover of things like an old t-shirts, love notes and cards, etc. Being surrounded by memorabilia survive the separation becomes much more complicated.

What to do?

Throw everything away! This will soon forget about everything that happened. After getting rid of these things will be easier to start a new life. The past will be left behind. If you do not have the heart to throw it all away, just to collect photos and memorabilia in a box and store it in a closet.

What else can you do to quickly bring myself back to normal after a painful break?

After parting is always void, which is desirable to be filled with something. Of course, it is not that you should hastily tying relations with the first man.

Start with a simple

Threw a general photo sharing with a beach holiday? Do not leave the box blank, insert the photo with your friends or colleagues. The main thing that you have in this photo was happy and cheerful look.

Do not know what to do with the time that was performed earlier together? Switch wallpaper, or sign up for driving courses.

In general, start life with a new chapter. If you stop to withdraw into themselves and nurture their emotional pain, over time you will meet a new love.

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