What men want: hits male fantasies

What men want: hits male fantasies
 What dreams of the stronger sex, and it always list of male fantasies, as it is presented in society, coincides with the real? Between fantasies and desires, there is perceived boundary. The desire to put into practice the presence of motivation, imagination usually remains within the individual imagination. That is why it is advisable to first separate from one another, and only then organize an area where unrealizable intertwined with the possible.
 In general, the phrase "male fantasy" somehow irresistibly associated with sexual life. According to the social contract, apparently, a representative of the stronger sex do not care is more important than comfortable and intricately arrange intimate sphere, and the rest is supplied without undue effort. This approach is not only one way, but also very primitive, as well as any attempt to reduce what is happening in the inner world of man to the machinations of unsatisfied libido.

In fact, sex is not always occupies a leading position among the imagined benefits. In addition to thinking about bedding entertainment (with one or more partners, in various positions, in improbable situations, with stars or cinema, with exquisite caresses, with role-playing games, and so on), a great place to take the men's fantasies ... toys. Toy in this context is any material object, the possession of which would bring a man with nothing incomparable happiness. Luxury car, ultramodern equipment, boat or spaceship - the difference with the actual demand is that the purpose of their purchase is not put enough own dreams.

Another object of fantasy can be a certain way of life, sometimes profession. How exciting it would be to become a famous athlete, a great actor, supermilliarderom, bodybuilder, star of the screen, a luminary of science ... It happens seduce laurels travelers and explorers. Or it would be a paradise on earth on a desert island in a self-designed eco-perfect home.

And, of course, an essential aspect - power and money. Actually, thinking about the capital as the means to buy or measures of social value, and the very existence of a round sum in the account is less than warm. But power - there is a huge expanse of imagination. Ranging from world domination and ending with telepathic abilities - all that is superior to the others, can be attributed to the requirements of self-starvation. Well, the men thus taking revenge for his lack of strength, abilities and opportunities in real life.

In a few words the essence of dreams, peculiar to men, perhaps, is expressed as follows: wave of the wand in my volition, become everything as I need - that I was the most important, most powerful, most successful and uniquely beautiful, and to all my loved and they were all afraid, everyone envied and admired by all, and to all the self-managed, and that all I had, and I would be for it was nothing. And in this list put in the first place, and that - at last, a matter of personal preference.

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