Thinking about love

Thinking about love
 If you drive in the search box syllable "lu", the very first word, which will automatically search for - is "love." This feeling for so many years that no one can say when it appeared. It is as if it has always been. And everyone wants to experience at least once true love. In the world of a million lessons, many different emotions, but there is nothing that excites people as bright feeling.

All once experienced a wonderful feeling of first love. This emotional and desperate state in which we plunged only one object of our admiration. Most often, the first love ends in disappointment. But remember about her is always a pleasure.

In a more adult, settled down and smarter, people lose the naivety that helped so carelessly fall in love. Now you can hardly fall in love only for beautiful eyes, or a couple of gentle phrases. Over time, you learn to be disappointed in some people and began to treat others with care.

But love is always around you. It is so captured the whole world that all of its manifestations, you will not have time to pay attention. But almost every song, every verse - about love. Because without it there would not be all that surrounds you.

Yet many people are lonely. One would be hard to find the same lonely? But it is not just searching for someone with whom you can go to a movie or a glass of wine. Love - it is something more than just time together. This support in difficult situations, forgiveness, patience, compromise, and a lot more of what you go for the sake of one man. Togo, who will love. If there is no love, the relationship will not last long.

Even Turgenev said: "Love is stronger than death and fear of death. Only her only love keeps moving and life. " And indeed it is. Someone might argue, to say that one can not eat love. However, it was she who gives strength to the fact that to achieve success in their work. Man was created in order to love. And if someone says that thrives in solitude, he is cunning. He just has not met the person who would be his meaning of life.

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