Perfect Love: Myth or Reality

Perfect Love: Myth or Reality
 Perfect Love: Myth or Reality? Is such a love, or is it just fiction dreamy little girls. Many people associate love with the different emotions that they experience when dealing with the object of adoration, and come up with different names for them: selfless love, mutual love, eternal love, unrequited love, etc.  

Each person has their own unique and inimitable love. And if the above "types of love" familiar to many, the "perfect love" remains a mystery. Maybe it's the love that does not require confirmation? But love itself does not require any evidence in this case it is difficult to call ideal. Or maybe it's the feeling that stays with a person forever. But people change over time, so does love. Probably the perfect feeling of love no obligations and does not limit the freedom of man. But all lovers seek to do so in order to extend their relationship as long as possible. Eternity.

Some believe that the ideal love, which is fully consistent with their ideas about it. Rather, it is a beautiful love, but not ideal. The higher the ideals, the more difficult to find a soul mate, fully consistent with them. In making excessive demands to the chosen one, the person at risk to be disappointed and lose heart. Sometimes it may be debilitating resentment and loneliness. Disappointed it seems that the choice had betrayed him only because he was not able to meet all needs and expectations.
Some people believe that the meaning of love is to forgive all the insults and treat to the senses, as a divine gift. A divine gift has its origin may be just perfect.

Another sign is considered ideal love her immensely. But every man in love does not measure the amount of sent and received love. He just loves. So, any love is immeasurable.
One thing is certain: like any other, ideal love fills human life with joy, happiness and meaning. Lovers people put each other's interests far above their own, trying throughout Guess its second half, to give warmth and tenderness, surround with care and attention. Do not these signs indicate that love really is the perfect feeling to know that until the depth is not given to everyone.

Each age gives your shades of love. In his youth, it is a passion like Romeo and Juliet, in the middle of life - quiet family routine and trust each other in old age - shared memories and joy that your mate has not left you.

Perfect love - is, of course, a myth. But it is also true reality. Because for every loving couple their love - the most beautiful, the most real and the ideal.

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