How to find a rich

How to find a rich
 Young girls and even mature women often amuse themselves with the hope to marry a wealthy man. But, unfortunately, these men can not be found on the street. Need to know the places where to set traps and snares.
 One of the most popular tourist attractions and intelligent man with a fat wallet - different kind of business conferences and seminars on business planning and team building. This does not mean that you have to listen to boring and monotonous lectures on topics not quite clear. Your stellar output should occur during lunch or brunch. How to operate in this situation? A couple of questions, implying short answers "yes - no", and full of sadness and regret over the eyes can not continue so fascinating conversation, and, of course, the exchange of contact information.

Various types of exhibitions. In an informal setting, you can get acquainted with a cute fat cats, talk about contemporary art, painting and architecture. But before you go to such an event, you should dig into the internet to get information about the exhibits. Again - not to lose face. Men appreciate intelligent and interesting women.

Gym. Certainly in many Russian cities have at least one prestigious sports club. Do not spare money - buy a ticket. Just remember that in the room you need to go in for sports. Men are not stupid, especially the rich - they immediately smell the hunter to other people's money. Therefore, no makeup, artificial nails, evening hairstyles. Only expensive tracksuit and sneakers, and go to the track.

Casino - the main thing is not to miscalculate and sit down to a lucky player. Of course, not everyone can now take advantage of this opportunity, as the casino are special zones, but there are ladies who can try their luck in these temples of luck and farce. You can buy a pair of chips and the whole evening to sit at the table with a tape measure, making small bets or marking some records in a mysterious notebook. Sooner or later, a man ask about what kind of notes you are playing. You have to turn all their originality, charm and femininity to the full. But proceed with caution - these men immediately noticed women with glowing eyes zeros. Do not scare away the "victim".

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