How to attract luck in love

How to attract luck in love
 "People meet, people fall in love, get married. I have not been lucky in that way that simply trouble ... "If you overcome these feelings, it's time to think what to do to attract luck in love.
 First of all, stop being a hermit and spend the evening at home. Try to spend more time among friends and acquaintances, visiting interesting events or just nice talking in a cafe. At the same time, be open to dating. Speak to strangers at every opportunity: in the store, the post office, in transport. Do this gently and kindly, with a smile. Do not say bad about someone, do not gossip, radiate kindness.

Change their way of thinking. If on the way to work or other free time do you usually think about problems, change those thoughts into lighter and joyful. Pay attention to the landscape outside the window, admire the beautiful faces in the crowd, moved by playing close to children. Live "here and now" and not in the thoughts and fantasies.

Become more feminine. Determination, firmness, uncompromising and other "male" qualities let gradually displace soft, flexible, inclination to compromise. Cultivate a purely feminine weakness and often request to men. Call them for help when you need to hammer a nail, move gravity fix socket, etc. No need to do it all myself.

Allow yourself to flirt and flirt. If you do not know how, read professional literature or watch more playful girlfriends. Learn how to "fire eyes" and witty jokes. However, make sure that the behavior was not vulgar.

Review your wardrobe. Ruthlessly get rid of the boring stuff a la "bluestocking". Choose clothes interesting style, taking into account the features of the figure. Preferred color red and pink - they have the ability to customize their people contemplating a romantic mood.

Finally, stop thinking about what you want to strike up a relationship with a man. Remember, "Love descends suddenly, when you are not looking." As a rule, exactly what happens.

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