Hidden meanings bedding phrases

Hidden meanings bedding phrases
 How often in bed you or your partners say phrases that mask your real attitude and hide true feelings. If you try to analyze what actually is to say a word, you can learn to better understand their partners.

If a woman or a man says that "it was the best sex in my life", do not take it literally. Your partner just wants to make you feel relaxed and may enlist the promise of repetition. In the end, if he or she did not like, then this topic would never raised.

"I was nobody better than you" - this phrase is most likely indicates that you are in love. Everyone knows that they are in love, everything seems wonderful, and all the past does not seem so spectacular.

If you say that you did not have a better one, you seriously interested not only in terms of sex. Although, of course, one can not exclude the fact that you are really skilled in pleasures of love.

It is better not to raise the topic of sex during former partners, love and relationships. Why drag in the bed of his former lovers? But if you're still affected by it, be careful. Women generally tend to underestimate the number of its partners, and men - on the contrary, to exaggerate. So everyone is trying to win the favor of another, more women want to appear innocent and legible, and men - more experienced and strong.

It is not necessary to believe, if you say - I do not have any sexual fantasies. Most likely, the person just shy to talk about such intimate things. You can learn more about what actually wants a partner, if you watch porn together. Try a variety of films, and something certainly leave him indifferent, but something will lead and cause excitement. Realizing what subjects more often cause an emotional response, you will be able to repeat this scenario in real life.

You should not lie about what you have achieved orgasm, if in fact it did not happen. Experienced partner or loved one always notice that something is wrong, and even though he realizes that you said this in order not to hurt his feelings, he is still upset, and the lie can upset stronger than that he was unable to give pleasure. If the partner is new and not very experienced, it's even worse. If your relationship will last, and you also will not be able to reach orgasm, you will then be difficult to explain that you do not like. Previously, it was a good thing that has changed - it is reasonable to say it. And he realized that all this time you fake orgasms, it will surely be upset.

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