As a variety of family sex life

As a variety of family sex life
 Often, people are madly in love at first turned into a husband and wife, then the happy parents. It would seem that everything is fine, but the erstwhile passion somewhere disappeared. But there is always something new and unknown, which is able to diversify sex life and add thrills.
 Peppercorn in the marital bedroom will be a spectacle. Arrange a surprise to her husband: Draw Scheherazade, indulge in erotic massage, stations striptease. No man will not remain indifferent.

Of course, at the time an intimate surprise, the children will have to send to the grandparents. But after returning, they will meet the parents in a wonderful mood, which can only be a happy and sexually satisfied people.

Preparation for the massage should start in advance. The best option - to start with the fun and go to the SPA Centre, where you will make a massage and you will be able to emphasize something for your surprise. Or you can buy a book and study all in theory, but in practice, go to the coveted evening. During the massage, do not forget about any part of the body, massage the abdomen, inner thighs and feet. Try to massage not only with hands, but with his hair, lips, breasts.

Be prepared to wine and food, incense, candles, flowers. How to decorate a room, create a romantic mood. Turn off the phone to you, no one bothered.

For your perfect transformation of a long black wig and a big flower in her hair. As a costume can be used underwear and a handkerchief tied at the hips. Do not forget the bright make-up: a dark powder, eyeliner and red lips - what we need in this case, do not be afraid to go too far. To take dance leek, tie it over the breast, and when clear - to play them, then covering, the opening face.

At the beginning of surprise Involve husband in the game. Think for him any test, even if you win it first, and only then do you appease him.

After this evening you and your husband get a great boost of energy. Perhaps in the morning you will reflect on the script next romantic evening.

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