Animal instincts, or "animal" seksotipy people

Animal instincts, or "animal" seksotipy people
 Zagovarivaya about the intimate behavior and sexual habits of their partners, people often resort to "animal" epithets: flirty "cat" cold "fish" passionate "stallions" ... Such comparisons are so accustomed that they have no surprise. What if we try to develop this "animal" classification?

One of the most common male sexual types - a "bear". Attention seeking women show of force and the imposition of an active, in bed, they usually are simple and somewhat selfish: their main task - to achieve the goal, the means of achieving that are presented to them simple and do not require particularly sophisticated. The same line of conduct and adhere to the "Bear", balanced in everyday life and a little phlegmatic in bed.

However, in the "bed-selfishness" is definitely ahead of the previous type of "man-lion" that are not just used by women to achieve this goal, but require it to enhance sexual attention. In contrast to the "bears", "lions" need the same "zest" for sex, but the initiative in this case, in their view, should come from the partner. Such a "complex of the King" may cause rejection of many women - but not the "lionesses" - bright women, these hunters and skilful mistresses.

Another type "women-hunters" - bold, confident, sexy exaggerated "tigress". Such women prefer to find yourself a lover and not afraid to be the initiators of relations. "Tigers" is certainly just as passionately as the "tiger", but their obvious drawback - it is impermanence, so typical for good lovers.

But "male foxes" in windy reproach impossible. In this case, the men of this type are charming, playful, inventive in matters of love. "Foxes", according to tradition, cunning, resourceful - both at home and in bed - and prudent. These women are picky in selecting a partner, based on many parameters and never once stopping to think about the prospects of development of relations.

Particular attention - in all senses - require "male bird." Sexual talents such men, for the most part, are not gifted, but in terms of courting women and the ability to present yourself in the best light with the "birds" can not compete any other type. "Men-birds" are able to conquer their talents and helpful, they all, first of all, beautiful. However, the criticism they react extremely painful, so modest, "bird woman" prefer to remain in the shadow of its partners and literally created in order to admire their men obediently gasp every time they show themselves.

However, spending so bold generalizations, in any case we must not forget that every person is unique, and there is no man who would represent any seksotip "pure" - the more so that people - it's all the same people .

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