5 ways to attract a man

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 The dream of many girls - meet the perfect man. Unfortunately, very often on their way there are not the best people who are forced to cry, suffer, Heartbreak, etc. In the end, the woman begins to feel that it is something wrong. The whole point is that you should start with yourself, your happiness and way of thinking.

If you continue to think negatively, in the near future on the horizon, there will be no men, not to mention a real prince. Try to change the mindset, lifestyle and perception of the world as a whole. In order to make a difference, consider the following tips.

The first principle - like his job.
In most cases people are unhappy with their work. Perhaps this is due to the schedule, occupation, level of salaries, etc. In the end, you can earn a nervous breakdown. Such dissatisfaction with their living conditions and, of course, affects your relationships with others. So tie with complaints boss, colleagues and partners, and take matters into your own hands. Do not be afraid to change jobs.

The second principle - do only what gives you pleasure.
We are not talking about the refusal of the daily routine (such as cooking or cleaning). You should think about how you spend your free time. Stop to communicate with the "right" people and go to the "necessary" space. Try to find a place, stay in that gives you pleasure. Then decide whether there to meet her man. If not, look no further. You can learn new lessons, find new hobbies, etc.

The third principle - open to others.
It is not necessary to plan ahead for an appointment with a man. Just open up your heart that can give you a night in a club or cafe. See the world in a new way, without anticipation and excitement. Then do not have to be disappointed. Be friendly with others, communicate more, etc. Remember that each person has the familiar.

Fourth principle - release your inner child.
Too many women feel that they have to be strong, independent and very businesslike. Relax, Unleash your inner child, who will enjoy the sun, the warm breeze and bright colors.

Fifth principle - the "law of attraction".
Under this law refers to man's relation to the world. Only to attract positive people are good men. By ZLYKA stilted and individuals will be approached only pessimists.

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