What role is played by patience in relations

What role is played by patience in relations
 Patience - one of the main Christian virtues. It will remain low as long as people have to depend on each other. Patience can be a raise, though a born leader with an aggressive character can be difficult. To make it easier to convince themselves of the need for change, it is necessary to deal with the role that patience plays in the relationship.
 The main reason that foreigners are increasingly marrying "Russian" - not the beauty and domesticity of our girls and women. And the ability to put up with the discomfort and humble, and that is what many American and Western European bride can not boast. Patience - that's what separates the good from the bad wife for so many suitors, not only foreign.

So what is patience? This is an opportunity to narrow their borders acceptable. Each person has a clue as to what behavior is acceptable partner, and what - no. And some people have greater flexibility, which enables them to endure more.

However, it is important not only external tolerance, which is manifested in the fact that the absence of an express emotional reaction. Much more important is that the person with the assignment does not feel miserable. Hypocritical patience worse aggressive reaction, because it increases the likelihood of emotional outburst after a while.

Through patience a pair as a whole becomes much more resistant to external shocks. After solving the problems requires flexibility, and hence changes in the limits for one or two partners. Often in order to change the situation, the husband or wife should be a greater or lesser extent to reduce their claims.

For example, the wife must agree to reduce their spending on shopping, so that the family can adapt to higher prices. A husband may agree to buy fewer items for your collection, if the wife to pay for further education.

The ability to cut their needs seems to many of us are very difficult. However, the experience of Orthodox asceticism proves that even the most severe conditions can be used. Of course, we are not monks, and we do not need to drive themselves in the narrow confines. But the experience of patience is always useful because it helps to train this quality, as trained muscle.

Habit tolerate deliberately inculcated, allows you to make marriage more stable. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the quality of weak people. Weak people just do not know how to control myself, but because their patience - not real, it's just pure laziness to change anything. A strong consciously decide on the need to accept and are able to suppress the irrational reaction.

Is it worth it to practice patience? Yes, because a reserve of flexibility that will help not only in personal relations but also in the professional field, whether it be a business or wage labor.

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