Without explanation: parting in English

Without explanation: parting in English
 Some people prefer to sever relations in English, without scandals, accusations, tears, and their reasons. Others believe that it is quite inhumane way to end the futile relationship, inflicting pain and suffering that, from whose life left in silence, without a word. Whether or not to leave without explanation or not?
 As with any life event, in the gap without explanation has its positive and negative sides. Care in English can not be considered a purely negative phenomenon, because sometimes romantic relationship stuck at a standstill, from which there is no return. Or one partner to another causes such a serious offense that further clarify the relationship does not make sense. Thus, in some situations where crystal clear that the couple no longer have absolutely no chance of a shared future, such a separation would save time and nerves, as well as help to forget his ex-mate.

But sometimes you run the risk of strike partner severe psychological trauma its silent disappearance of his life. Especially if he does not understand the reasons that prompted you to do so. Perhaps he will be tormented and tormented, believing that their own actions, he destroyed your relationship, while the true reason for the gap is not in it, but you. For example, you realize that you do not like or have never loved this man for real or you have spun a new novel, more promising and exciting. Thus, it is better to break off an affair at some meaningful note that hovered in the air is not a sense of vagueness and uncertainty.

Most often, supporters of the gap in English are the stronger sex. Many women believe that because young people are showing their cowardice and disrespect. Perhaps they are right, because unless the person with whom you were once happy, does not deserve at least a few words of farewell?

Remember that every action has its consequences, which should think in advance. Try to always treat others the way you would like them to do to you. Especially if it comes close to you person. Be honest, fair and considerate, if you have to be explained on the eve of separation. In no case do not be lazy to explain the reasons for their behavior, respect the feelings of the other person.

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