Secrets of Flirting

Secrets of Flirting
 Not all women know how to flirt with men. Stereotypes innate shyness, inappropriate situation all the time in the way, even if you really want. They say that the ability to interest a man - is an art, because there is a very fine line between persistence and easy game that is easy to navigate while flirting. There are people who possess this skill from birth, flirting with everyone and feel at the same time as the fish in the water, while others need to learn this, gradually learning the secrets of seduction.

Be relaxed and confident

This is the first thing that should be learned. Men do not like and do not pay attention to women who are trapped or pinned down in a conversation. Just do not confuse confidence with arrogance because a confident person - someone who is not trying especially to someone like, behave naturally and easily. But when you are arrogant or flaunt all its merits or congratulate yourself, it is, on the contrary, very annoying.

Be a good conversationalist - Know how to listen

Show that you are interested in the conversation. Men usually love to talk about themselves, about their lives, about the successes and achievements. Ask questions, show that you care what he says, and in no case do not interrupt. By the way, does not necessarily tell when flirting a lot about myself, in this case it is better for a man to remain a mystery.

Be calm and independent

During flirting is not worth the fuss, make some awkward movements, scared and nervous. Tranquility, independence, slowly - this is the charm that attracts many men.

Establish eye contact

They say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul, and it's not just words. Be friendly, smiling and look at the man speaking in the eye. No chest, no beautiful figure, no clothes, nothing attracts a man, as an unusual and fascinating look.

Well-groomed appearance and sexuality

Finally, always make sure their appearance. A woman can not be sexually attractive if she did not leave. Clothing, figure, manicure, beautiful shoes and other accessories - everything matters, everything must be perfect. Men pay attention to every detail, and even seemingly innocuous ripoffs nail on one finger of his left hand, may finally and irrevocably alienate you.

Always remember that naturalness, children's openness, spontaneity, of course, can attract to you any man. Flirting, learn to communicate with ease, getting pleasure from it. Your eyes should shine, radiate energy and motion to be easy, unhurried and relaxed.

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